Zebra is one of the 29 Animal Orbs available for players to find in the game, Castle Crashers.


XBOX 360/PS3/PC/XBOX ONE: The Zebra Animal Orb can be obtained from a camel rider during the Desert Chase level. Zebra is following the rider so you need to get it quick before he arrives at the castle. When you get near the camel rider, kill him before he comes back to the camel and go away again.


Primary Ability

"Grass Patch Fruit Search"

Increases the chance to find fruit in grass patches to 100%. Being able to get fruit 100% of the time from grass patches does seem like a good thing on paper, but the main drawback to this is that grass patches only appear in 8 levels; 5 of them actually being required for progression.

The 8 levels that have grass patches are as follows:

Hidden Ability

"Dual Stat Boost"

Increases the player's Magic and Agility by +2 each. This effect is only in Castle Crashers Remastered.

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