Players in the Overworld

The World Map is where players can travel from stage to stage and level up their characters after gathering experience in a stage. When a player exits a stage, by beating it or leaving in the middle, they are instantly sent to the world map where they can access any stages they have unlocked, access any stores they have unlocked, return to the Blacksmith to change their Weapons or Animal Orbs, check their stats, or quit the game. When in the world map, the character takes control of a pack of Castle Crashers (numbering the same as the players present) which all resemble the Four starting Knights. The world map can also be used to access Insane Mode. If a checkpoint level in The world map is yet to be completed then a white arrow shall be shown pointing to said level.


  • There are random doodles in the world map. One near the Home Castle, of a dinosaur, and a large sea-monster chasing a school of smaller fish and a camel with long legs saying hi near the sand castle.
  • The players in The world map will always be shown as one of the King's loyal knights, even if the player is playing a character that looks completely different such as Bear, Alien Hominid, or Hatty Hattington. The player will also be shown equipped with a weapon that closely resembles the Skinny Sword and they will also be shown without an Animal Orb, whether the player has one or not.
  • If a player has, in multipayer, completed a group of levels but skiped one in the middle, that character must complete that level in singelplayer or multiplayer to play any level that you have to cross the skipped level to play.