Wizard Castle Takeoff is the thirty-fourth level of Castle Crashers.

Description Edit

After running a short distance to the right, a cutscene occurs where the Evil Wizard, the Painter, Cyclops II, and the Necromancer fly away on a castle. The player then chases them by flying upwards in a drill motion by spinning their weapon above their head. The player must then dodge rocks and flying debris that comes from the top of the screen. After dodging all the debris, the player lands on the castle and proceeds to the Wizard Castle Interior.

Notes Edit

  • Players can tell where a boulder will drop by looking for small rocks that drop at the top of the screen. The boulder will drop soon after the small rocks.
  • This, as well as Blacksmith (level), Dock and Cyclops' Gate, are the only levels in the game in which there are no enemies present.
  • If a player is far back enough (right around the well) and holds their shield before the cutscene, they will not show up on the screen when the boulders drop. They can still take damage from the boulders that do not show on screen though. To get back on screen, they would simply have to move back right.
  • The color on the Painter's brush is the same as the Orange Princess' hair, so it is possible that Tricky the Clown replaced the Orange Princess.
  • This is one of the shortest levels in the game.
  • There are dead bodies on the floor, most likely gray knights.

Video Walkthrough Edit

CC Wizard Castle Takeoff

CC Wizard Castle Takeoff

Succession Edit

Preceded by Position Succeeded by
Ice Castle Thirty-fourth level in Castle Crashers Wizard Castle Interior