The Volcano Store Shopkeeper is one of the 6 Shopkeepers in the game, Castle Crashers


The Volcano Store Shopkeeper sells the Clunky Mace, BombsSpiny, and Sandwiches. As well as some snow globes and statues of Cyclops that are not able to be purchased are simply decoration.

The store that the Volcano Store Shopkeeper works at.


The things the Volcano Store Shopkeeper might say include:

  • "Check out these snow globes.
  • "I hate my job..."
  • "Do you feel a draft?
  • "Don't get burned! Shop here NOW!"
  • "MUHAHA... I mean, hello!"
  • "These deals are hot hot HOT!"
  • "Best deals in Lava World!"
  • "These prices burn my britches."


  • The Volcano Store Shopkeeper has multiple lines that are only exclusive to later versions of Castle Crashers, such as the PS3, PC, and Xbox One versions. The Xbox 360 version only has 2 lines which are "Check out these snow globes" and "I hate my job...".
  • He owns one of the biggest stores in the game.
  • It is the first store to sell Sandwiches.
  • The Volcano Store Shopkeeper is a Fire Demon.

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