The Veterinarian, or as players may refer to her, " Vet Lady" or "Animal Lady", is a character in the game Castle Crashers who can be found in the Barracks, where she teaches the player what Animal Orbs are and how to us them, and can from that point on always be found inside of Animal Ark, where she can provide insight on the abilities of any Animal Orb that is brought up to her via the chalkboard. She is seen again at the end of the game once again in the Barracks, though this time she cannot be spoken to.

Trivia Edit

  • In Animal Ark, she can sometimes be seen petting or caring for various Orbs.
  • The red paw print on her hat resembles the clan flag insignia of the Bears.
  • When you collect a new Animal Orb, a message will appear on the bottom of the screen with her face speaking.
  • In the beginning of the game, she can be found with Snailburt floating next to her, regardless if the player has not yet acquired him.

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