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Undead Groom
The reincarnation of the Conehead Groom
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Race Human (Undead)
Health N/A
Insane Health N/A
Location Wizard Castle Takeoff
Wizard Castle Interior

The Undead Groom was originally one of the Four Bosses that captured the Green Princess, although replaced with Cyclops. This reincarnation of the original is invulnerable, regardless of the Undead Cyclops getting defeated. He is released from the coffin by The Cyclops.

Attacks & Battle Style

The Undead Groom does not vary in attacks, regardless of the original. He walks around trying to knock the player down. This attack cannot be blocked, although the player can purposely get crushed by the Undead Cyclops to get stuck in the ground to avoid the attack. The Undead Groom is invulnerable, meaning that he does not get damaged in any way. He cannot be defeated unless the Cyclops is defeated, so it is meaningless to attack. As he begins to run toward you, a discordant piano tune is heard.


The original Conehead Groom was defeated earlier in the game by the player in the Wedding Crash level. Later, after the Cyclops was defeated, the Conehead Groom and the Cyclops were both ressurected in the process by the Necromancer, the high-ranked, loyal servant of the Evil Wizard. The Undead Groom is seen with his visor lifted


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