Tricky the Clown is a reference to Dan Paladin's xkittyfroggymeowmeow.

She was apparently disguised as the Orange Princess the whole time. Because some of her characteristic features are very similar to those of the Pink Knight, some people have suggested that they could be the same character. There is no proof that Tricky is even a different person than the Orange Princess .


Tricky at first appears to be a princess with purple hair. However, when her true identity is revealed, we can see that in reality she looks like a clown, complete with a painted white face with red clown makeup, fluffy green hair and wearing large shoes. As the lower part of the Orange Princess' face is seen while fighting the Barbarian Boss, she may have been wearing a mask as well as a wig, or simply not using clown's makeup at that time.

  1. However, when you arrive at the Painter's room in the Evil Wizard's castle, you'll notice various paintings all around the room in which the Orange Princess appears to have been stabbed to death with a knife. It was confirmed by Tom Fulp that the she was supposed to fall with a knife in her back after the final 4 bosses took off on a platform, but the player would later discover that it was a painting by the Painter.

Note: she got her hat back.


Tricky's powers are almost identical to those of the Pink Knight. During Tricky's act at the end of the game:

Is Tricky the Pink Knight?Edit

Many believe that Tricky the Clown is actually the Pink Knight, mainly because of their powers being very similar or identical. Meowburt (who appears during Tricky's act) and the Pink Knight's starting weapon, NG Lollipop, both give an Agility boost to the user, so that may be further evidence.

However, beating the game with the Pink Knight would not make any sense unless one could imagine two versions of the same character existing at the same time and at the same place. However, another explanation would be that in Madness Combat, Tricky has the power to manipulate the very fabric of reality, so it may be possible that he's simply existing in two places at once. So, it is unknown if Tricky is Pink Knight is or not.


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