• Sorry for what happened before. But, hey! I made a new track. I'm kinda impressed by this one:

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    • at 0:36 and 1:18 the synth noise isn't in the same key as your bass/clean guitar riff. It's put together a lot better than your other songs and I'd say it's a very large improvement from before, although I personally don't enjoy it. To be honest even if your songs before were worse from a musical perspective, I still enjoyed them a little more cause of the distorted guitar. Try tuning your guitar to C or C# standard and use a heavy distortion, and use just guitar, bass, and drums. If you need more intricacy then layer other guitar tracks over it. Try listening to some metal or classic rock if you need some influence.

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    • Now that I've listened to this and compared it to your old stuff, I was able to pinpoint exactly what you need to work on.

      Your songs don't have a logical progression, and you don't always have a clear feeling or message that you're trying to express with the songs. Try to focus on just one sound that you want to produce, and make each song focus on its own sound. Try to create an image in your mind that you want other people to also see when they hear your music. When other people are hearing and feeling the same things you do, then you're doing it right.

      I don't know what kind of music you normally listen to, but you should really listen to classic rock or metal since they tend to do the best job of focusing on a sound they want to create in their songs. I'd recommend Van Halen or Pink Floyd for classic rock and Metallica or Dragonforce for metal.

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    • Also I was just signed into this account when I got on the wiki and I was too lazy to sign into MLGine

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