The Thieves' Store Shopkeeper sells you items in the Thieves' Store. The Thieves' Store shopkeeper is the second shopkeeper encountered. This is the first Store to actually have a level named after it. It is the only store to sell two of one item, that item being bombs.


The Thieves' Shopkeepers quotes are:

  • "Psssst...Look here."
  • "These deals won't last."
  • "Tomorrow two for one."
  • "Can I interest you in a new weapon?"
  • "You break it, you buy it."
  • "I got kids to feed!"
  • "Steal of a deal."


  • It is the second store to be encountered.
  • It is unknown why a Thief is selling items to the player. Perhaps it is because he says, "I got kids to feed!" and he needs the money to provide for his family.
  • The Thief possibly stole the items contained in his shop as they are known for stealing dropped food and gold.
  • For some reason he has two areas to purchase bombs, but they are exactly the same.

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