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The Swamp Village Store Shopkeepers are one of the 6 Shopkeepers in the game, Castle Crashers.


The Swamp Village Store Shopkeepers, who are the Reptilian Shopkeeper and Beefy Barbarian Shopkeeper sells Piggy, Health Potions, Bombs, and the Thick Sword.


The things the Reptilian Shopkeeper and Beefy Barbarian Shopkeeper include:

  • Reptilian Shopkeeper
    • "Sssssss"
    • "Hey buddy, how's it going?"
    • "Please don't hit me."
  • Beefy Barbarian Shopkeeper
    • "I could pound you flat."
    • "Grrrrr."


  • The Reptilian Shopkeeper is rumored to be an unarmored Snakey.
  • The Reptilian Shopkeeper has one line exclusive to later versions of Castle Crashers, which are PS3, PC, and Xbox One versions. The line being "Please don't hit me."

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