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The Swamp Village Store is the fifth store that becomes available to players while playing through the game. It sells basic supplies as well as a weapon, an animal orb, and other items, and is the only store with two shopkeepers, one being a beefy Barbarian like the one from the Home Castle or the Barbarian Boss. The other is presumably an unarmored Snakey, which may mean that Snakey's aren't human. The strange shopkeeper creature is often refered to as snake/fish like creature or Swamp Village Shopkeeper.

Shop Description

Swamp Village Store

The Swamp Village Store - Open for business!

The Swamp Village Store one of the larger stores in the game, offering a weapon, an animal orb, some basic supplies, (Potions and bombs.) and other items. The Swamp Village Store is unlocked after a player completes the Corn Boss level. The beefy Barbarian will try intimidate you on purpose. There is a barrel that can hold fruit and gold near the beefy Barbarian.

Items sold

The Swamp Village Store sells four items:

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  • This store is the most efficient place to buy health potions, as they are only 11 gold. In the Castle Keep Store, they are 12 gold.
  • There is a breakable barrel always containing 5 gold or fruit to the right of the beefy Barbarian.
  • Some of the grass contains food.
  • The shopkeeper is rumored as a Snakey.

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