" Hey! I can teach you how to use your magic! Hold RT to activate your magic. Press RT + Y for a splash attack. More magic abilities will be available as you increase your magic skill. Also, skill points to magic to increase your current magic abilities." - Sorceress, in the beginning of the game.

The Sorceress, also known as "Magic Lady", is a non-playable character found in the Barracks and the Barracks party at the beginning and end of the game. She can be seen alongside the Traveling Salesman, The Blacksmith, and The Veterinarian, each of which will have a large yellow exclamation point above their heads indicating that you can walk up and talk to them. She explains to The Player how to use magic. At the end of the game, she is seen in a different position on the other side of the room, and can no longer be spoken to.

Note: The quote listed above goes the same for the PS3 version, except what would be the Xbox360 Button Y button would be the PS3 Triangle button and Xbox360 Trigger Right would be PS3 R2.

Trivia Edit

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