Snow World is the thirty-second level in Castle Crashers.

Walkthrough Edit

Head to the right and you'll be attacked by more Iceskimos. Back up to the left and hide behind the trees from the snowball hurling ones as you take out the ones on foot. Once all the free ones have been defeated, you can easily take each of the snowball ones out one at a time.

Another option that works well for taking out the Iceskimos is to immediately take out one of the snowball forts. Since the Iceskimos in forts throw only in a straight line, this gives you room to maneuver within that line without having to worry about being hit by snowballs. After taking out the Iceskimos on foot, take out the rest of the snowball throwers as described above.

Keep moving to the right and you'll be attacked again in the same manner. Use whichever strategy you prefer to continue taking these Iceskimos out. You'll have to do this a few more times until you reach a small village. Fight your way through some more enemies here.

Keep going to the right until you reach a group of small shacks to the right of the screen and then a path up to the back leading into more snowy mountains. Enter the cave to finish the level.

Animal Orbs Edit

Pictures above are the two animal orbs BiPolar Bear and Yeti which are the only animal orbs obtainable in Snow World.

Notes Edit

  • After reaching the village, pay attention for an "X" on the ground, it is down to the bottom of the map near the two candies. Dig it up to discover the Chicken Stick weapon.
  • Before taking the final path upwards, go around to the back of the front-most house to discover the animal orb, Yeti.
  • Walk up the ramp at the end and you'll see a Horn sign. Use the Horn in front of the sign and you'll call out the animal orb, BiPolar Bear.
  • If you hit the snowball forts at the start of the level, the Iceskimo will not attack for a short while, so you can continue attacking until you take it down.
  • The song that plays throughout the level is Winterbliss by cycerin.

Succession Edit

Preceded by Position Succeeded by
Full Moon Thirty-second level in Castle Crashers Ice Castle