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Snow Store
The Snow Store
General Information
Type Store
Level 32
Inhabitants Shopkeeper

The Snow Store is the last store that becomes available to players while playing through the game. It sells basic supplies as well as weapons, an animal orb, and other items. Unlike most stores, this store does not carry bombs.

Shop Description


The Snow Store - Open for business!

The Snow Store is the largest store in the game, along with the Volcano Store (Xbox Version). It offers 2 Weapons, an animal orb, some basic supplies, and other items. This store has the highest prices of any store in the game, selling health potions for 18 gold and sandwiches for 20 gold. The Snow Store is unlocked after a player completes the Snow World level.

Items sold

The Snow Store sells five items:


  • Bringing Pazzo to this store (or buying him) will reveal a dig spot. Dig where indicated with your shovel to dig up the Bone Leg.
  • This store sells health potions at the highest price, costing 18 gold each.

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