Snoot is one of the 29 Animal Orbs available for players to find in the game Castle Crashers.


XBox 360/PS3/PC: To obtain Snoot, you just bomb the first crack in the wall near a portrait of the Cyclops at the beginning of the Cyclops' Fortress level. The other alternatives include luring the enemy Coneheads to eventually chuck out bombs near the crack until it breaks or playing as the characters Conehead, Royal Guard, and Gray Knight and using their Magic Projectile or Air Projectile to open up the wall.


Primary Ability

"Strength Boost"

Snoot gives your character +2 Strength. This effect is only in the Original versions of Castle Crashers.

Snoot gives your character +4 Strength. This effect is only in Castle Crashers Remastered. Given that Snoot has this massive buff, he along with weapons like the Gold Skull Mace, Man Catcher, and Dual Prong Sword can make levels go by substantially faster, even on Insane Mode.



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