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Snoot is one of the 31 animal orbs available for players to find in the game Castle Crashers.


The area to place bombs to reveal Snoot!


XBox 360/PS3/PC: To obtain Snoot you just bomb the first crack in the wall near a portrait of the Cyclops at the beginning of the Cyclops' Fortress level.



Primary Ability

"Strength Boost"

Snoot gives your character +4 Strength


  • Snoot and Burly Bear are reskins of each other.
  • Snoot and Burly Bear are the only animal orb reskins.
  • Snoot is a S Rank pet (SS).
  • In Castle Crashers Remastered Snoots ability was buffed from +2 to +4 strength, making it an ideal choice for a strength user.

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