Snakes are an enemy in the game Castle Crashers.


Snakes are parts of Medusa's hair that have separated itself from her. She can spawn an unlimited amount of snakes and will continue to do so throughout the boss battle.


Snakes do poison damage when they hit you. Their attacks can be blocked with a shield. They die within a single hit and always walk to the left at a steady pace. The easiest way to defeat them is to ignore them unless they get in your way. If they get in your way you can just press X to kill them and try to make them hit Medusa Becuase they will do a considerable amount of damage.


  • Snakes along with Scorpions and Aliens are the only enemies to be one hit kills regardless of your stats.
  • Snakes are not to be confused with Snakeys.
  • Snakes only appear on one level, Medusa's Lair.
  • Snakes spawn from Medusa.

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