Snailburt is one of the 31 animal orbs available for players to find in the game Castle Crashers.


XBox 360/PS3/PC: Snailburt is found near the end of the Marsh level, out in the open, just before you see the beefy Peasant.



How to get Snailburt.

Primary Abilility

"Snail's Shell" +5 Defense, -2 Agility; This orb is often considered to be highly invaluable to pure warrior characters. It provides the highest defense boost while lowering your agility critically.  Effectively turns the user into a high-defense slow tank. Amplified with the Club.


  • Snailburt is the first animal orb to be seen in the game, he can be found following the Vet.
  • Snailburt is the only pet that gives you a natural armor bonus (from +5 Defense) without assistance from a weapon, and natural stat bonuses period.
  • Snailburt is the only stat pet that subtracts from a stat.
  • One possible reason that Snailburt decreases agility is that snails in real life are quite slow.
  • Snailburt is a B rank pet (B-).

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