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A Skill is the attribute of a player that can be advanced throughout the game. Skills are trained by fighting until enough experience is earned for the next level. When a character levels up, he will have a number of skill points to allot, two per level gained if the character is under level 20, or one per level gained if they are over level 20. Each skill area can be improved up to 24 times. Using a total of 96 skill points (Level 78) will "max" a character's base skills. Animal orbs and weapons may be used to improve upon the base skills. Skill points can be applied to the following skills:

  • Strength
  • Magic
  • Defense
  • Agility

Skill Summaries


Main article: Strength
Strength affects how much damage a player can deal with a single melee attack.


Main article: Magic
Magic affects the type of magical attacks available to the player, the amount of damage dealt, and the rate at which the magic bar recharges.


Main article: Defense
Defense affects the amount of health a player has, the amount of health healed by food, and the player's resistance to damage.


Main article: Agility
Agility affects the amont of damage the bow deals and the rate at which it fires, as well as how fast a player moves.

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