Stores are areas of the game which players can go to purchase items such as potions, sandwiches, bombs, weapons, and pets. The stores included throughout the game are:

Castle Keep StoreEdit


The Castle Keep Store is unlocked after completing the Castle Keep level.

Purchasable items:

Thieves' StoreEdit


The Thieves' Store is unlocked after completing the Thieves' Forest level.

Purchasable items:

Church StoreEdit


The Church Store is unlocked after completing the Wedding Crash level.

Purchasable items:

Volcano StoreEdit


The Volcano Store is unlocked after completing the Cyclops' Fortress level.

Purchasable items:

Swamp Village StoreEdit


The Swamp Village Store is unlocked after completing the Marsh level.

Purchasable items:

Snow StoreEdit


The Snow Store is unlocked after completing the Snow World level.

Purchasable items:

Insane Store Edit


Exclusive to the PS3, PC, and Xbox One versions, Insane Store is unlocked after unlocking Insane Mode; to unlock Insane Mode, you must complete the game on Normal Mode.

This shop offers some rare items previously available only by downloading DLCs. This is also the only shop in the entire game to sell a character.

Purchasable items:

Save some cash, buy cheap! Edit

There you can see where you can buy cheapest potions, bombs, etc.

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