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Scratchpaw is one of the 31 animal orbs available for players to find in the game Castle Crashers.


Xbox 360 / PS3 / PC: Scratchpaw is hidden on the Sand Castle Interior stage, near a destructible wall and behind a window. You must use bombs to blow up the wall. After blowing it up, you can walk behind the wall to obtain Scratchpaw.


Primary Ability

"Agility/Strength Combo"

Scratchpaw will increase your Strength by +2 and your Agility by +2.



  • Scratchpaw is an A rank pet.
  • Scratchpaw is agreed by most skilled Arena Mode players to be one of the most effective pets in PvP, especially when combined with the Ribeye. (The combined stats are +6 strength -2 magic +6 agility.)

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