How to ObtainEdit


Sandwiches are dropped by Fire Demons in Lava World at the Volcano mini-boss and the gate after the first 3 sets of Fire Demons. They can also be bought in the Volcano Store and in the Snow Store.


Sandwich Effect - 01

To use a sandwich, select it in the usable items menu, then press the Xbox360 Button B/PS3 Circle button. While beefy, players can deal increased melee damage and can move specific heavy objects. The effect lasts only for 10 seconds.

Players must be beefy to:

While under the Sandwich effect you can:

  • Run through the spiky traps that are after the poison gas projectiles easily without getting knockbacked in Industrial Castle.
  • Kiss Red Princess, Green Princess, Blue Princess at a specific time, so their arms come straight off and they'll be in the kissing animation without any arms!
  • Kiss Tricky the Clown immediately after undergoing transformation to be immune to her knockback which doesn't allow you to move. After the effect wears off, DO NOT jump at all (don't even think about Magic Jumping), here, you can only use your Arrows, Bombs, Health Potions, Horn, Magic, Weapon, and Sandwich, and on top of all of that, even after the "The End" screen pops up, you can still move and make sounds with the bombs, arrows, horn, magic, weapon, and sandwiches.
  • Windmill the Necromancer and Conehead Groom infinitely, but only on the PS3 version as you don't get off the ground after getting in a few hits in the game strangely.


  • You can find this item in unlimited supplies during the Lava World level at the metal gate and the Volcano boss. Fire Demons will repeatedly spawn and drop sandwiches until you open the gate or kill the Volcano.
  • If the sandwich is used before kissing a princess, the player immediately returns to his normal form, however the countdown timer will continue. If it reaches 0 seconds during the kiss, the player exits the kiss and can walk around until the player returns to the map.
  • If you block, you might notice that the shield is unaffected by the sandwich. This can possibly cause confusion as to how the shield straps wouldn't cut off the circulation to the player's beefy arm.
  • Despite their powerful effect, Sandwiches are often considered a disadvantage; as they make the player an easy target.


  • This item is often called "Toast". This may be because on a low definition TV, the icon appears to be a single slice of toast instead of a whole sandwich.
  • This item is often called a "Knuckle Sandwich", most likely originating from the threat: "I'm gonna give you a knuckle sandwich!".
  • This item is often called the "Beef Sandwich", because it makes the player beefy.
  • The sandwich could be a reference to the game Team Fortress 2, because the character, Heavy, has the ability to eat a sandwich ("Sandvich"), that heals the Heavy to full health.
  • It appeared in Fleeing The Complex as an item in solo mode where Henry Stickmin becomes beefy and knocks out 2 of the guards before reverting back to normal and getting kicked by the 3rd guard.