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Location Lava World, Stores
Sold in Stores? Yes

The Sandwich, also known as Beefy Sandwich/Steroid Sandwich, or comically "Steroids", is a usable item that makes players "Beefy".

How to Obtain

Sandwiches are dropped by Fire Demons in Lava World at some points. They can also be bought in the Volcano Store and in the Snow Store.


Sandwich effect

To use a Sandwich, select it in the usable items menu, then press the Xbox360 Button B / PS3 Circle button. While Beefy, players can deal increased melee damage and can move specific heavy objects, the effect lasts only for 10 seconds.

Players must be Beefy to:

Additional Information

  • This item is often called "toast". This may be because on a low definition TV, the icon appears to be a single slice of toast instead of a whole sandwich.
  • This item is often called a "knuckle sandwich", most likely originating from the threat "I'm gonna give you a knuckle sandwich".
  • Some people call this item the "beef sandwich" because it makes the player beefy.
  • You can find this item in unlimited supply during the Lava World level at the Sandwich Door and Volcano boss. A Fire Demon will repeatedly spawn with a Sandwich until you open the door or kill the Volcano.
  • If the sandwich is used before kissing a princess, the player immediately returns to his normal form, however the countdown timer continues. If it reaches 0 seconds during the kiss the player exits the kiss and can walk around until the level ends and the player returns to the map.
  • The Sandwich could be a reference to Team Fortress 2 because the character "Heavy" has the ability to eat a sandwich (The Sandvich), that heals the Heavy to full health.
  • If you block, you might notice that the shield is unaffected by the Sandwich. This can possibly cause confusion as to how the shield straps don't cut off the circulation to the player's beefy arm.

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