Sand Castle Roof is the twenty-sixth level in Castle Crashers. On Insane Mode, this could potentially be a tricky level due to the fact that the Saracens spam their Splash Attacks which deal up to the 300s!


Make your way along the top of the sand castle. You will be attacked by archers who appear then disappear after firing their weapons. Note that the arrows shot by these archers are more powerful than most. They will leave you with swordsmen. Take out the baddies and continue to the right. Be careful not to get into too much fighting behind the pillars obstructing the view. Stay to the right or left or them.

Then you will be challenged to a game of volleyball by three Sacarens and a beefy Sacaren. When you win, they will give you a map that allows you to get out of the desert.


  • You can use the shovel to dig up the Crescent Sword in this level right after the 3rd wave of baddies.
  • Splash magic works well in the volleyball game. As well as hitting the ball, you'll knock down some of the Sacarens as well.
  • This is the only spot will you can play volleyball on the Xbox version or the PC version.
  • If you can manage to hit the archers before they go off screen they will die in one hit. This can be useful as you can get extra money or food.

Video Walkthrough

CC Sand Castle Roof

CC Sand Castle Roof


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