The Ribeye is one of the 84 weapons a player can obtain in the game Castle Crashers.


The Ribeye as it appears in the weapons frog.


The Ribeye or Steak can be found hanging on the wall in the second room of the Ice Castle. It will look like part of the background, so it is easy to miss.

The required level to wield this weapon is Level 20.

If you're using a character with a bad Magic moveset (Thief, Peasant, Stove Face, Civilian, Open Faced Gray Knight, Necromancer, Hatty Hattington, etc.) then this can be very helpful, but the Skeletor Mace may be better if you're going for XP.

Since it is simply hanging in the Ice Castle level, it is one of the easiest weapons to obtain in the game, alongside the Pitchfork, Light Saber and the Gladiator Sword.

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