Relics are three items requested by the sailor at the Dock. They must be collected throughout the first half of the game in order to board his ship and reach the next continent on the world map.


Image Name Location
Compass Compass Next to the Animal Ark in the Blacksmith level.
Ship's Wheel Ship's Wheel Lava World, right after the Dragon and Sock Puppet has been defeated.
Telescope Telescope On the balcony of the Industrial Castle, right after defeating the Industrial Machine.


  • It is never explained why the three relics were scattered through the land in the first place, and then be heavily guarded by the Evil Wizard's forces. One could just speculate that they were stolen by his loyal servants, anticipating the possibility that people living at the Dock would help the King's knights and carry them to the next continent.
  • The Blacksmith, being one of the King's knights, could have fought the Evil Wizard's warriors and retrieved the Compass by himself, which would explain why it is already in his possession.
  • The Compass is the only relic obtainable in the demo version of the game.
  • Many think that the order of collecting them is the compass first, followed by the ship wheel and then the telescope.

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