The Red Princess is one of the four princesses found throughout the game Castle Crashers.


At the start of the game, the four princesses, the king and some knights are in the castle. Then, the Evil Wizard breaks in and steals the big Crystal. This gives the barbarians an opportunity to kidnap the princesses and sell them off. This is your queue to rescue them. She is the first princess to be rescued by the Knights after killing the Barbarian Boss. Upon his death the player can get her kiss, if multiple knights work together to save the princess, they will fight for a kiss, which is part of an achievement.


Bouncy orange (red) hair, red hat, and dress with red earrings, bright green eyes.


"Ahhhh, help!"

- The Red Princess being taken away.


  • She is the first princess to be rescued.
  • She is the same colour (in this case red) as the Red Knight.
  • She, like all other princesses, was kidnapped by Barbarians.

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