Red Knight is one of the 31 playable characters in the game Castle Crashers, and one of the four starter knights. His magic powers are Electric-elemental based and his starting weapon is the Mace.

Red Knight's specialties include stunlock, crowd control, crowd clearing, support and basic boss slaying.

Description Edit

Red Knight's element is Electricity, which has the ability to stun lesser enemies while dealing constant damage at the same time. His "Thunderbolt" splash attack can stun several enemies at the same time, which makes it very efficient for crowd clearing. However, it is not as effective for finishing enemies, as his magic is the weakest of the four starting knights.

Red Knight also has many difficulties for slaying bosses because bosses won't get stunned by the shocking effect, allowing them to close in on him very quickly, and forcing him to resort on hit-and-run tactics. He is quite optimal for assassinating beefies as they will get stunlocked instead of knocked down, allowing rapid damage output against them. However, one must be aware that beefies can move in between each time they're damaged. To avoid unnecessary damage, the player should stop his attack before they get too close. He's also one of the characters that most suffers when his magic bar has been depleted, leaving him very vulnerable while he waits for his magic to replenish to a decent amount and then be able to use it again to escape from a dangerous situation, however even while using XYY levitation he's still able to be caught by beefies no matter how high you are in the air.

Contrary to popular opinion however, Red Knight isn't all he's cracked out to be. There are several ways to avoid his splash attack, and there's so many chinks in his armor that there's at least one drawback for every advantage he has. On a side note, his "Elemental Infusion" combo has no inherent ability, making him, along with Gray Knight, tied for the weakest Elemental Infusion combo in the game, since both of them deal low damage with no effects.

Involvement Edit

He is one of the four main King 's knights, whom he serves with loyalty. He will defend the kingdom at all costs, even if that means risking his own life in the process. Their magical arts revolve around the ability to control the energies of electricity, an element that can do constant damage to enemies while it stuns them at the same time.

Magic Edit


Splash Attack


Element: Electricity

Max Hits: Depends on amount of magic power and how long the button is held

Damage/Hit: Base magic damage / 3 (19 damage; 25 at max potential)

Lightning bolt held out in front of you for as long as the button is held. Takes normal magic power cost to start it, but then continues to drain magic power slowly for as long as it is held. Each upgrade adds to the range (length of the lightning bolt) but not to the number of hits (which is affected by how long it can be held until magic power runs out). Max potential ensures 24 hits before it runs out. This locks normal enemies in place while it is active and can affect as many enemies get in range. Although it does less damage per hit than is normal for Splash spells, it is unique in being able to hit regular enemies multiple times. This spell is very effective against bosses such as the Conehead Groom and Necromancer, as they can be held in place with it and shocked. A common misconception among new players is that this is the most powerful spell in the game. This isn't true, as there are better options for boss slaying (such as sawblades, vines, and smoke screens), and there are better options for crowd control (such as ice shards, fire spells, and sawblades if used right). This spell is only good for dishing out a modicum of damage to regular enemies. On insane mode it doesn't kill most enemies in one go, but only takes significant portion of their health away. However, in the same amount of time it takes to use the splash and recharge over the course of one minute, Juggling using XXYY would do around 3-5 times as much damage overall to all of the enemies. Aside from the fact that it's easier to capture enemies in the splash, juggling and combo locking are more effective as a means of dishing out lethal amounts of damage and actually killing the enemies. It's also easier to use the splash in the middle of an abnormally large crowd, such as in Full Moon or the second wave of Necromancer. For complete utilization of this spell, the player should be aware that the enemies are briefly knocked down after the spell ends, allowing some time for the player to flee to a better position. The two best uses for the splash overall is to align juggles for your party, as well as give them time to heal in the middle of a wave or perform CPR. It's arguably the best splash overall for alignment in multiplayer, but in solo play and sometimes in multiplayer, ice shards are better because you're free to move around while the enemies are stuck in place. In other words, Red Knight can't set up juggles for himself.


Magic Projectile

"Charged Shot"

Element: Electricity

Damage: Base magic damage (59 damage; 75 at max potential)

A small ball of electricity sparks along in a straight line. Since there is no effects, this is a fairly lackluster magical projectile compared to most.


Elemental Infusion Edit

"Static Impedement" Element: Electricity

Damage: Base Magic Damage + Base Melee Damage (96 damage; 110 at max potential)

Magic Jump Edit

"Lightning Pillar" Element: Electricity

Damage: Base Magic Damage (59 damage; 75 at max potential)

Leaps up with an electrified boost, knocking over enemies caught in it. There are no special effects, but knockback on enemies is not based on weight group but elemental resistance instead.

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Trivia Edit

  • If Rammy attacks enemies trapped in Lightning Bolt, they will be knocked free from the hold.
  • After being poisoned, the electricity attacks will appear green until the effect wears off. However, it has no additional effects, just a different color. This is also the same for getting hit by an explosion, your Lightning Bolt will be colored gray for a bit after the explosion.
  • In the startup video, Red Knight is the only one not seen using a weapon.
  • While Red Knight's splash is active, another player can use the XXXY combo once without knocking the enemies free.
  • Red Knight is a B Rank character (B+).
  • Red Knight's Splash Magic shows the bones of the enemies being electrocuted. Also, the Red Knight unlocks the Skeleton, which is coincidental.
  • On the Xbox 360, players can dress up their Avatar as the Red Knight by purchasing both the helmet and tunic in the Avatar Store.
  • In Back Off Barbarian, the Red Knight's mouth is similar to the :3 emote. Civilian's character portrait has this emote, too.

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Unlock Path Edit

Red Knight > Skeleton > Bear