The Rat Beating Bat is one of the 84 weapons a player can obtain in the game Castle Crashers.

How to ObtainEdit

The Rat Beating Bat is dropped by the Killer Beekeepers in the Flowery Field level. It also becomes available when the Killer Beekeeper is unlocked by beating the game with the Barbarian.


  • This is one of the most difficult weapons to obtain in the whole game, along with the Dual Prong Sword, as only two Killer Beekeepers appear in the whole game on single player, and their drop rate is considerably low.
  • It is advisable to unlock the Killer Beekeeper if you want to get this weapon, or have a friend give it to you if playing the game online. However, if you want to get it in Flowery Field, bring Monkeyface with you to have a better chance of getting it.
  • This weapon is also known by the gaming community as the "Baseball Bat".
  • This weapon is often mispronounced in many ways. (Bat Beating Rat, Bat Reating Bat, etc.)

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