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Here the results of all the previous polls on the home page are listed.

Poll ResultsEdit

Why did the cop arrest the Green Knight? Because he was high on acid.

Who's the best PvP character? Blue Knight/Icekimo

What do you think is the hardest level? Full Moon

Who's the most annoying enemy? Thief

What's the best S-rank weapon? Snakey Mace

What stat do you max first? Magic is cool but agility is the coolest :3

What are your limits to soloing insane mode? All I need is max agility and magic, maybe a couple potions, then I can just juggle my way to victory

What's the best B-rank weapon? Broccoli Sword

What's the best A-rank weapon? King's Mace

What's the most pathetic way to die? Being slain by a Scorpion

What's the best C-rank weapon? Cardboard Tube

What's the tastiest color you've ever heard? It all depends on whether or not I can smell the texture of it.

What's your favorite animal orb pun? Hackster - He's a l33t hacker.

Which pet do you prefer? Bitey Bat > Rammy

Which pet do you prefer? Dragonhead (useless) > install ball (3 useless 5 me) > Pelter (Slightly more useless than Dragonhead)

Who's your favorite character unlocked with a Starter Knight? Fencer :3

Who's your favorite protagonist? Blacksmith

Who's your favorite arena knight/unlockable unlocked with the arena knights + Gray Knight? Thief

Who's your favorite former-antagonist character (playable enemy)? Fencer :3

Which duo from another game is better -- Alien/Install Ball or Fatty Fattington/Golden Fail? Whoopie Cushionton and the Flatulent Fail

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