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The Pooping Deer is one of the four deer you can ride in the Abandoned Mill. It also appears in Thieves' Forest and Rapids Ride as one of the animals and in Full Moon as an easter egg.


The Pooping Deer is a very mysterious character in Castle Crashers. It is a symbol, much like the Antlered Frog. It lives in Thieves' Forest and uses poop to propel itself forward instead of walking or running. It wanders around the globe, using its pooping powers to run, swim, and even fly.


  • Thieves' Forest
    • Right before climbing the second cliff, the Pooping Deer can be seen grazing, but then it is scared by the Giant Troll. It poops away to the left.
    • The Pooping Deer can be seen again at the end of the level running into the Abandoned Mill along with all the other animals.
  • Abandoned Mill
    • The Pooping Deer is one of the deer you can ride through the level, only if you are playing multiplayer because Player 1 can never end up with the Pooping Deer.

Pooping Deer flying across the moon in Full Moon.

  • Rapids Ride
    • The Pooping Deer falls into the water with the character, then poops itself underwater and disappears.
  • Full Moon
    • The Pooping Deer can be seen at the beginning of the level as a silhouette flying across the moon.


  • In Abandoned Mill, The Pooping Deer is never the deer in the front, so Player 1 never gets the Pooping Deer.
  • It is the most common deer you see throughout the game.
  • The Pooping Deer's alternate names are Poopsy and Pooper.
  • The deer being chased by a Shark below the Pirate Ship on the map may be the Pooping Deer.
  • The Pooping Deer drowns at the beginning Rapids Ride, and poops to heaven at Full Moon.

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