1. The Plot Line, or storyline of the game Castle Crashers is very simplistic and easy to understand. It includes the capture of the King's four daughters, his magic Crystal, and his four most loyal knights having to fight for them back. It goes like this:

Beware: Plot/Storyline spoilers follow.

The Introduction Edit

Some of the King's Gray Knights, a few Peasants and the player(s) were celebrating in the Barracks in the Home Castle level (the player(s) are meant to be the four knights, but they could really be 1-4 of any of the 28 playable characters). The party was brought to a halt when a dead Gray Knight came flying in through the door of the Barracks. The player(s) ran through the door just in time to see the Evil Wizard stealing the Crystal from the defenseless King. The Crystal turned red after being taken over by evil magic and the Evil Wizard flew away. The King ordered the player(s) to chase him. The player(s) were held back by an army of Barbarians but was/were just in time to see the King's four daughters, the Princesses, being stolen by a group of Barbarians. The Orange Princess's face was not visible because a weak Barbarian was carrying her and her face was dragged face-down across the floor.

The Red Princess Edit

After fighting through heaps of Barbarians the player(s) arrived at the Barbarian Boss level to see the four Princesses tied up to a pole each. The Orange Princess was tied up in a way that the ropes covered her face. The Husky Barbarian was let into the level/arena and the player(s) had to fight against the beast for survival. When the boss' health bar was drained by half, the Blue, Green and Orange Princesses were taken from the level/arena leaving the player(s) to fight to save the Red Princess and earn her Kiss. Upon the defeat the Husky Barbarian a Boss Chest fell on the beast, crushing him. After breaking open the chest and collecting all the money, the player freed the Red Princess and earned her Kiss.

Problems at the Dock Edit

Continuing the chase of the Evil Wizard and the King's Crystal, the players arrived at a river, separating two of The Overworld's island. The only way of crossing the river was to use a boat to cross it and the only available boat was incomplete, requiring the three Relics: the Compass, the Telescope and the Ship's Wheel to ensure a safe travel, meaning that the player(s) had to make a huge diversion from chasing the Evil wizard and the King's Crystal, but it wasn't too bad as it was only a small diversion from freeing the Orange and Blue Princesses. The first Relic, the Compass, was found in the Blacksmith level, just outside of the Animal Ark but the other two were a bit trickier to find.

The Diversion Edit

When the player(s) entered the Forest Entrance level the player(s) saw the Industrial Prince paying a Beefy Thief for the Orange Princess and then when the player(s) entered the Forest level the player(s) saw The Green and Blue Princesses, still tied to their poles, being taken deeper into the forest by a pair of Thieves. The player chased them, and after battling through many baddies and a couple of bosses, the player caught up with the Thieves in the Tall Grass Field level to see the Blue Princess being given to the Frost King, who blasted himself up and flew to his castle. The Green Princess, being given to the Cyclops, who went to his supposed son, the Groom, to give him the Green Princess. Still searching for the relics and the princesses, the players came to the Industrial Castle and Wedding Crash levels. At the outside of the Industrial Castle the Orange Princess could be seen crying inside the Industrial Castle, her hands covering her face. A Sandwich was needed to break down the door of the Industrial Castle so when the player(s) attempted to break down the door without one, the Industrial Prince stood next to the Orange Princess and said 'Hahahaha.' and 'You're not beefy enough to break down that door.' leaving the player to go and find/purchase a Sandwich.

A Disrupted Wedding Edit

When the Wedding Crash level was entered the player(s) landed on a big cake which had a plastic statue of The Groom and a plastic statue of The Green Princess in a wedding dress on it. The cake was surrounded by an army of Coneheads, one of which was holding the hand of The Green Princess who, upon seeing the player(s) ran from the scene to give The Green Princess to The Groom. After fighting through an army of Coneheads the player(s) caught up with The Groom just in time to stop the couple becoming husband and wife. The Groom had seen this coming so he had prepared himself for sword to sword combat and had converted the organ into a series of cannons, readying himself to kill any objectors. Despite this, the player(s) won anyway, killing The Groom. The player did not get time to rescue or kiss The Green Princess because The Cyclops flushed the toilet that he had been on the whole time, undisturbed by the fight, and, seeing his dead friend/son/father, took both The Green Princess and the dead body of The Groom, burst out of the elevator doors and used the wedding's celebratory parade to make a getaway to his fortress. To chase him the player(s) used The Groom's organ cannon to blast themselves onto the parade cart where an army of Coneheads and Thieves attacked the intruder(s).

A Disrupted Funeral Edit

The parade cart entered the Cyclops' Cave where the roof wasn't high enough to fit the player and the cart through, meaning that the player got knocked off of the parade cart and had to chase The Cyclops on foot from then on, all the way to The Cyclops' Fortress where a funeral service for The Groom was taking place where The Groom's coffin, along with The Groom himself, was cremated. After the player(s) disturbed the funeral, The Cyclops got really angry and tried to kill the player(s). After The Cyclops' health bar was drained to empty, the Cyclops still soldiered on but, because of his immense anger at the player(s) for killing The Groom and for severely hurting The Cyclops himself, he became clumsy and fell into the lava pit that The Groom's dead body had been dropped into. The player freed the Green Princess and earned her kiss. The player left The Cyclops' Fortress to find the third Relic, the Ship's Wheel, in the Lava World level. While the player(s) was/were gone, the Evil Wizard brought his old friend, The Necromancer to the Cyclops' Fortress where the winged knight used his powers to resurrect The Cyclops and The Groom.

The Industrial CastleEdit

After the player(s) broke down the door, the Industrial Prince ran back into his castle and entered his Industrial Machine, taking the Orange Princess with him. After fighting through the Industrial Prince's army of Industrialist, Fencers and a beefy Brute, the player(s) came to the Industrial Machine. After the player(s) destroyed the machine the Industrial Prince took the Orange Princess to the balcony where the Evil Wizard was standing atop the King's Crystal. He tried to jump on the Crystal with him but the Evil Wizard electrocuted with his Practice Foil for failing to kill the player(s), leaving the Industrial Prince to the player's/players' wrath. After either knocking the prince off the balcony or leaving him be, the player(s) looked into the third Relic, the Telescope, and saw the Blue Princess on the balcony of the Ice Castle who saw the player(s) and suddenly felt a rush of hope, but was then taken deeper into the Ice Castle by the Frost King.

  • The Telescope is technically the third Relic, even though the level it is in is before the level the second Relic is in, this is because, to take a sandwich to The Industrial Castle, you have to complete The Lava World level and doing so gets the player(s) the second Relic, the Ship's Wheel.

A Volcano, A Dragon and A Sock PuppetEdit

The player(s) got mobbed by an army of Fire Demons, all of whom were protecting The Volcano, but they were no use as the player(s) defeated them all and came to a boss fight with The Volcano, but the Fire Demons still battled on, further harassing the player(s), but luckily, the Fire Demons were more of a help than a hinder because The Volcano was immune to normal attacks, meaning that the player had to be beefy to damage him, meaning that the player needed to eat a few Sandwiches to defeat The Volcano and the only way of gaining Sandwiches in the boss fight was to defeat a Fire Demon as every single one of them dropped a Sandwich. After battling more Fire Demons and some Skeletons that were resurrected by The Necromancer, the player(s) caught sight of the second Relic, Ship's Wheel, at the top of a mountain but, upon trying to climb the mountain, a big steel door came down and blocked the way to the Ship's Wheel and The Dragon and Sock Puppet boss rose from behind the mountain, head-butting, breathing fire at, biting and throwing boulders at the player(s) as the player(s) fought to kill the beast. Finally, the boss was defeated and the player(s) collected the Ship's Wheel.

Ninjas Versus PiratesEdit

Upon giving the pirates the three Relics, the ship was ready to set sail and chase after The Evil Wizard and The King's Crystal, but the player(s) were ambushed by an army of Ninjas who most likely had no affiliation with the Evil Wizard, but just wanted to sink the player's/players' ship for their own profit. The Ninjas failed and the player(s) reached the Desert safely.

E.T. (Easily Terminated)Edit

The pirate ship landed in the Desert and the player(s) unboarded and continued their quest for The King's Crystal and The Orange Princess but the route to the Wizard's Castle was very complicated so the player(s) needed the Map to guide them there and on the route to the map the player(s) were attacked by many Saracens, Royal Guards, Antlions and Scarabs. The Antlions and Scarabs were most likely protecting their territory but it is unknown why the Saracens and Royal Guards attacked the player(s) as well, some players speculate that they were also protecting their territory but others speculate that the Alien Hominids bribed them into doing it. After battling through the army of enemies the player(s) were encountered by The Alien Ship which dropped Alien Hominids to attack the player(s) and massive stone slabs to kill the player(s). After being defeated the ship retreated, only to battle the player(s) a second time, obviously not excepting defeat as an option. The player(s) defeated the ship only to be abducted by the Mother Ship. The player(s) was/were placed in a holding chamber which was easily destroyed by the player(s) by destroying the mini control panel. After the Alien Hominids saw the intruder(s) they set off the red alarm summoning millions of other Alien Hominids but they were easily defeated because they had very low health (1hp) which made them E.T. (easily terminated). After defeating the Alien Hominids the player(s) tried to proceed but they were blocked off by the Alien Prisoner's holding cell so the player(s) had to destroy another mini control panel, clearing the way for the player(s) and freeing the Alien Prisoner who ejected himself from the ship and set off the ship's self destruct mechanism, giving the player(s) a minute to exit the ship, even though they were held back from doing so by a few Alien Hominids the player(s) still managed to exit the ship just in time.

  • At the start of The Desert level the Alien Ship could be seen abducting the top half of a pyramid, possibly giving it the ammunition for the stone slabs that it dropped on the player(s).

The Sand CastleEdit

The player(s) continued the search for the Map in the Sand Castle Interior but all the player(s) found was a Beefy Saracen, 5 regular Saracens and 2 Beefy Royal Guards so the player(s) continued the search for the Map on the Sand Castle Roof where they were attacked by more Saracens and Royal Guards. After defeating all the enemies the player(s) came across a volleyball pitch with the player(s) on one side and three regular Saracens and a Beefy Saracen on the other, there was also a volleyball on the pitch. The Saracens challenged the player(s) to a volleyball match (first to 10 points), after the player(s) won the volleyball match a Saracen awarded the player(s) the Map which showed the way to The Flooded Temple.

Not-So-Sweet CornEdit

After finding the way to the Marsh the player(s) came to The Flooded Temple which blocked the way to The Full Moon level, the temple's door had a picture of The Horn which led the player(s) to believe that the only way to open the temple's door was to blow The Horn while outside the Flooded Temple so the player(s) went off to search for it in the Marsh where Necromancer had resurrected all the people he could find, leaving them as Skeletons. The Marsh also inhabited a tribe of Snakeys who did everything in their power to protect their territory. Luckily, the player(s) found a pair of Peasants and a Beefy Civilian to help them. After battling the enemies the player(s) came to a field of corn and when the player(s) entered the field the Peasants followed but the Beefy Civilian decided to stay on his home turf, leaving the group of castle crashers to enter the Corn Boss level without him. Upon entering the Corn Boss level the player(s) came across the Killer Corn boss who was eager to destroy the player(s) and the Peasants so the crashers formed a team against the vicious vegetable and eventually reduced him to a cob, leaving them to enter the barn that he was protecting where one of the Peasants found the horn.

A Full MoonEdit

The player(s) returned to the Flooded Temple and blew the Horn which opened the door, allowing the player(s) to continue chasing the King's Crystal and the Blue and Orange Princesses. Upon entering the Full Moon level the player(s) were ambushed many times by an army of Stove Faces, Beefy Stove Faces and Iceskimos while boulders rolled down the mountain, crushing both goodies and baddies.

Ice, Ice and More IceEdit

After completing the Full Moon level the player(s) came to the Snow World level where a huge army of Iceskimos attempted to thwart the player(s) by engaging in mortal combat and throwing snowballs. Eventually the player(s) came to the entrance to the Ice Castle where the Frost King had taken the Blue Princess after she had been kidnapped. The Ice Castle had been filled with traps, most of which were icicles designed to fall from the roof and crush the player(s). After dodging icicles, jumping ice waves, shielding from arrows and battling an army of Iceskimos the player(s) finally reached the Frost King. The boss used illusions and his power over ice as distractions and weapons to try and kill the player(s), despite this, the player(s) defeated the Frost King, freed the Blue Princess and gained her kiss, leaving the Orange Princess and the King's Crystal as the only things left to fight for.

An Artist, a Cyclops and a NecrophileEdit

After finally reaching the Wizard's Castle the player(s) saw the Painter (who was holding the Orange Princess face down, covering her face), the Cyclops II, the Necromancer and the Evil Wizard standing just outside the entrance to the Wizard's Castle but before the player(s) could fight for the Princess and the Crystal back the castle literally took off and flew up into the sky, the player(s) chased them by spinning his/her/their sword(s) above his/their head(s) forming a sort of helicopter. On the way up the player(s) had to dodge falling boulders. When the player(s) reached the castle a second time they were battled by an army of Cult Minions. After defeating all the Cult Minions the player came to four doors, three of which were blocked off by a purple forcefield. The player(s) went through the door which had no forcefield to meet the Painter who painted a series of paintings which came to life and attacked the player(s), after the Painter painted his piece(s) he used a lift to climb out of sight but came back down after the player(s) defeated the painting(s). After the player(s) lowered the Painter's health to about one quarter he ran round the arena shouting 'Abort' and every time he shouted 'Abort' a painting came to attack the player(s) but this time the paintings only had 1 hp. After the Painter had been defeated he said 'It must of been something I ate' and spat out lots of Food/Health Potions for the player(s) to eat/drink. The player(s) went on to destroy the Painter's purple crystal which destroyed the purple forcefield which blocked off the second door. After entering the second door the player(s) came to a battle with the Cyclops II, the Cyclops II bashed the player(s) with the Groom's coffin, he threw daggers at the player(s), he shot fireballs at the player(s) and he also let the Undead Groom out of his coffin occasionally. After defeating the Cyclops II the Cyclops' and the Groom's ghost floated out of the pairs dead body and the player(s) went on to destroy their purple crystal which destroyed the purple forcefield which blocked the door to the third door. After entering the third door the player(s) entered a room full of dead bodies of enemies. The Necromancer saw the player(s) and brought some of the enemies back to life but without turning them into skeletons. After the player(s) defeated the first wave of the undead the Necromancer resurrected a second wave of enemies. After the player(s) defeated the second wave of the undead the Necromancer took on the player(s) in sword to sword combat. After the player(s) emptied the Necromancer's health bar the Necromancer flew off the screen leaving the player(s) to destroy his purple crystal, destroying the forcefield which blocked the entrance to the fourth and final door.

The Final BattleEdit

After walking through the fourth door the player(s) came to a platform that was made of black crystals which rose to the Final Battle level when the player(s) stood on it. At the start of the final battle the evil version of the King's Crystal summoned four mini crystals that spun in the air for a while and shot at the player(s) in turn, after the player(s) smashed all of the crystals the Evil Wizard got out of his throne and started walking round the arena attacking the player(s) while encased in a bubble, when the bubble was red all of the player's/players' magic attacks that hit the wizard would actually damage the player(s), while the bubble was blue the same would happen with melee attacks. After the player(s) defeated the bubble version of the wizard he transformed into a balloon that floated round the arena dropping electric balls that shot out smaller electric balls in all eight directions. After the balloon version of the wizard was defeated a Boss Chest landed on the Evil Wizard. The player(s) opened the Boss Chest expecting money to fly out of it but instead the Evil Wizard was inside and he had transformed into a massive spider that attacked the player(s) and spawned Cult Minions to attack the player(s). After the spider version of the wizard was defeated he returned to his balloon form but this time he dropped the electric bombs twice as fast. After the player(s) defeated the wizard's second balloon form the wizard became his true self as seen in the cutscenes in the game. He summoned the Demon Sword and challenged the player(s) to mortal combat using melee and magic attacks just like a normal player, he also cartwheeled across the stage and shot fireballs out of his sword to further attack the player(s). After the wizard's final form was defeated he dropped the Demon Sword for the player(s) to pick up, the crystal returned to its usual white color and the whole stage collapsed in on itself. The player(s) landed on the crystal and caught the Orange Princess and the Crystal floated back to the Home Castle.

A Happy EndingEdit

When the player(s), the Crystal and the Orange Princess returned to the castle, the King took the Orange Princess and had a talk with her to calm her down while the player(s) joined the party in the barracks. In the barracks were all the people who were there the first time, the Red, Green and Blue Princesses and a whole array of past enemies, including the Groom's ghost and they were all partying together. Word had spread that the player(s) had killed the Evil Wizard and most of the baddies realized that the only reason they were evil was the fact that the Evil Wizard had forced them to, with the menace dead the past enemies decided to turn good although the Cult Minions and Necromancer did not join in the party, what happened to them is unknown. The King came in through the door with the Orange Princess, her face covered by a veil, and the Orange Princess walked over to the player(s). When the player/the winning player of the maiden duel leaned over to kiss the Orange Princess her massive green afro burst out from underneath her purple wig, the veil was torn off and it was revealed that the Orange Princess was a clown, everyone danced and the screen faded white.

A SummaryEdit

In short, the Evil Wizard stole the King's crystal and his four daughters and flew off leaving the player(s) to chase him, the player(s) caught up with the Red Princess who was being held at a Barbarian Arena where the Husky Barbarian fought the player(s) won and freed the Red Princess. When the player(s) tried to continue chasing the Evil Wizard they were blocked off by the ocean and the only boat they could find was incomplete so the player(s) went to find the Relics that completed the ship, the first was found outside the animal ark, the second was found in the possession of the Dragon and Sock Puppet boss who needed to be defeated to gain the Relic, the third was found in the Industrial Castle, the Orange Princess was also found there but before the player(s) could free her the Industrial Prince gave her to the Evil Wizard. The Green Princess was found before crossing the ocean in the Wedding Crash level and the player(s) had to fight the Groom for her but when the player tried to free her after defeating the Groom the Cyclops stole her and ran away. The Cyclops cremated the Groom and after being defeated by the player(s) who had caught up with him he fell into the same lava pit himself. The player(s) sailed over the ocean and continued to make his/her/their way to the Wizard's Castle where the Orange Princess was being kept, meanwhile the Necromancer brought the Cyclops and the Groom back to life. The player(s) finally reached Ice Castle where the Blue Princess was being kept, to free her the player(s) had to fight the Frost King. After defeating the Frost King and freeing the Blue Princess the player(s) reached the Wizard's Castle which took off into the sky, the player(s) followed suit by using his/their sword as a helicopter. The player(s) fought Cult Minions, the Painter boss, the Cyclops II and the Necromancer before reaching the Final Battle. The player(s) fought long and hard against the Evil Wizard and eventually killed him, freed the Orange Princess and floated back to the Home Castle on the Crystal. Most of the baddies realized that with the Evil Wizard gone they were free to be good and they all had a party in the Barracks in the Home Castle, where the whole adventure began in the first place. The player/the player who won the final maiden duel went to kiss the Orange Princess but she stopped him and revealed that she was in fact a clown.