Pirate Ship is the twenty-first Level in Castle Crashers. It is very short.


After you've set sail, a pirate ship pulls alongside your vessel. First, four cannonballs are fired and drop on your ship. Run around to avoid them. Red targets will appear to indicate where the cannonballs will land shortly thereafter (this is identical to the cannonball fire encountered in the Wedding Crash and Barbarian War levels). Next, a wave of Ninjas will board your ship and attack you. Once they have been defeated, the whole process repeats once. Avoid four more cannonballs, then fend off the second wave of Ninjas. Afterward, the Ninja's pirate ship sinks and you complete your voyage to the Desert.

When the level starts, DON'T BREAK THE BARRELS. You'll need the food later.

Ninjas are nearly immune to ground-based melee attacks, but juggling them yields the usual result just like other light enemies.

Notes Edit

  • When struck with any ground-based melee attack, Ninjas will use a diversion with decoys made from logs. When struck, the decoys will fall over and disappear, and the real Ninjas will reappear nearby.This tactic is probably inspired from the Substitution Jutsu in Naruto.

    Giant squid fighting giant robot

  • If you're low on health, the barrels on the ship's deck contain food.
  • In the background after the first wave of pirates is a brief battle between a giant robot and a giant squid.
  • Ninjas being pirates are an obvious joke inspired by the internet meme, Pirates versus Ninjas.
  • Ninja Pirates make the different noises from their magic. When they jump onto your ship, they make their magic jump noise, when they use a decoy, they make their splash magic noise, and when they reappear, they make their projectile magic noise.
  • The music that plays during the fight with the Ninjas is Chaoz Japan by ParagonX9.

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