There is a 'Trick' in which two or more players hold the same pet, at the same time. To do this, players have to do the following steps:

1. Player 1 must first get the pet that they want to 'clone.' This can be done solo, or in multiplayer.
2. Players must then exit the game. Then, Player 2 must re-enter the game, but they must be solo. They then select the pet that Player 1 chose.
3. If 3 (or 4) players are playing and all want to 'clone' the pet, then Player 3 (and 4) must do exactly what Player 2 did. If only 2 players are playing, ignore this step.
4. Finally, all players must re-enter the game in Multiplayer. If done successfully, all players will now have the same pet.

This trick is extremely useful throughout the game, especially for levels such as Flooded Temple (Using Seahorse.)

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