Parade is the fourteenth level in Castle Crashers. Players should focus on hitting the Giant Troll in its eyes to avoid being knocked off by its laser beams.

Walkthrough Edit

You'll now ride along the top of the Groom's carriage. Stand on the right side and spam the heavy attack Xbox360 Button Y to knock your foes off. Eventually, the Giant Troll will begin to chase you again. You need to keep hitting it in the eye with arrows or magic attacks to prevent it from blasting you with its laser beams. Just keep attacking it until it's been defeated, dispatching the occasional thief that will drop down. Enter the cave to the right to finish the level. You can also jump on the troll and damage him by juggling on him. Hawkster can do 6 damage to him rapidly, which may be a
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The Eye Beam


Trivia Edit

  • The eye beam can be blocked by defending with your shield.
  • If you fall off of the carriage, you will respawn on top in a fashion similar to your character's Magic Jump.
  • If you're speedrunning (or just want to beat your friends in a multi game), you can jump onto the horses after you beat the Troll and get knocked off/ take 1 damage before everybody else does, meaning you can walk in before your friends even get up!
  • There is a glitch where if you fall and hit the Cyclops and something hits you, you will get stuck in the falling position where you can't take damage or do anything.
  • Throwing the thieves at the Giant Troll will do a considerable amount of damage as well as get rid of the thief.
  • There is a glitch where sometimes, before entering the cave, the background is still moving.
  • If you look closely at the bushes before Cyclops Cave, you can see a tiny dot. If you Watch that dot and enter the cave, you can see Meowburt jump out of the bushes where the dot was before transitioning to the cave.
  • There are a variety of special looking civilians only seen in the background of this level.
  • If you hit the Thieves or Coneheads off the carriage, sometimes they will hit Cyclops in the back of the head, giving you points. Despite his head twisting to the side each time he will continue controlling the carriage, but he may look back at you. No matter how many times this is done, however, nothing special will happen.

Video Walkthrough Edit

CC Parade

CC Parade

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The heroes will hit their heads on the entrance of a cave and fall. This is the start of the Cyclops' Cave.

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Wedding Crash Fourteenth level in Castle Crashers Cyclops' Cave