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Painter's Room is a sublevel of Wizard Castle Interior, and the first boss room on that level.


Inside the Painter's Room you will find the Painter waiting to fight you. Using a canvas in the middle of the room, he will paint paintings that will try to chase and hurt you. In the wide open room you will find some paintings, including an Alien Hominid reference where the Alien seems to be happy in the city he crash landed in, another shows Orange Princess dead with a sword in her back, this started rumors she was killed and replaced by Tricky but it's not fact. The others seem to be bonus filler. On the walls there seems to be animated paintings of an eagle, worm and people. It may of been paintings that would attack you but he was displeased with them. Other features are the entrance, exit and paint cans. In the exit is a small room of crystals you need to break too leave.


A Player fighting a painting

XP Farming

This level is a good level for farming XP. All you need is BiPolar Bear. What you need to to do is to get the Painter to about half health. The Painter will frantically start running around and make all of his creations come after you. BiPolar Bear will start attacking the Painter's creations, because all of them only have one health. If you leave the game on for a few hours, you will earn at least a few levels, depending on your current level.


  • There is an Alien Hominid reference in the room.
  • Multiple paintings of a dead Orange Princess appear around the room which have caused fans to speculate whether or not Tricky the Clown is really the Orange Princess.
  • This is the only level where you will find Paintings.

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