The Painter is the 1st of the Four Final Bosses. Known to be one of the more bizarre enemies, very little is known about him other than that he works for the Evil Wizard and has a toolbox for a head. He also wields a paint brush to paint things.

The BattleEdit

Painter will appear down from a scaffold, taunt the player and then paint an enemy on his canvas which will come to life while he goes back up on the scaffold to hide. The paintings will move toward the players in an attempt to hit them. If a painting hits the player, it will do damage to the player and cause the painting to disappear, then Painter will return to paint more enemies. As the player depletes painters health, he begins to paint 2, then 3 paintings before taking off on his scaffold again. After he reaches about one-fourth health, he will come down from his scaffold and run around the room yelling "Abort!" and "Foiled!", as lots of paintings appear on the screen. When this happens, all paintings will have only 1 HP, so attacking them with any ranged attack is advisable. A great Animal Orb to bring with you is BiPolar Bear. BiPolar Bear will attack all of the paintings, making Painter himself much easier to attack.


This boss attacks with a variety of conjured paintings that will explode on contact with your character, dealing heavy damage. He spawns about 11 different drawings. There is also a possibility that the creator of the drawings will have a humorous saying behind them. There is a theory that the paintings may have been original ideas for enemies for the game. The paintings are concept sketches made by Tom Fulp

All of the paintings will have either 300, 400, or 600 HP, and they have varying levels of defense and elemental resistances.

  • Clown: "Clowning around", because it's a clown running around to catch your character.
  • Cat: "Big cat/scary cat", because it's a pretty big cat and looks scary.
  • Blue Monster: "Hyperactive", because it's moving its arms and legs quickly.
  • Octopus: "Squirming feeling", because it's pretty much squirming around.
  • Green Ghoul: "Monster mash", because it looks like it's mashing his hands while chasing.
  • Elephant: "Elephant stampede", because the Elephant seems to be stampeding after you.
  • Unicorn: "Prancing about", because it often stops to bray.
  • Carrot Clock: "Carrot time", because it's Carrot's time to have fun.
  • Nose Snail: "Runny nose", because runny noses are pretty slow, especially when you're sick.
  • Red Square Bull: "Red bull", because the idea could have been inspired by the energy drink.
  • Safety Scissors: "Running with scissors", because the Safety Scissors run along with your character (the Safety Scissors appear only on the PS3 version of Castle Crashers).

After DefeatEdit

Defeating Painter causes all his paintings to disappear. He will fall over and say: "It must've been something I ate.", then he will spit out lots of food (or Health Potions if you're on Insane Mode; one for each potion each player lost during the fight - it is recommended to use a potion immediately after defeating him so you can have full health and max potions at the start of the next boss) before a Boss Chest drops onto him. If there is a Unicorn painting on the screen at the moment of his defeat, it will drop the Unicorn Horn. Afterward, the player can go to the next room to destroy a giant purple crystal, which will unlock the next boss.

Gold and XP ExploitEdit

When the XP Boomerang glitch was patched, this boss has often been used to get high XP on characters by spamming the splash attack each time he gets down from his scaffold. He drops around 300-400 gold per defeat and, thanks to the splash attack of a character hitting him multiple times, (as he can't be knocked down) the player can get high XP on this boss alone. After defeating him, the player can just come back from where they came into the room (this is done to skip the part where you destroy the purple crystal) and repeat.



  • If you were to kill the painter with the unicorn present you can unlock the unicorn horn sword.
  • Painter is filled with Newgrounds' jokes and references, such as one of his paintings being a "Carrot Clock"(TheClockCrew).
  • Out of all characters in the game, Painter has the most dialogue. The dialogue speech used is a text-to-speech voice called "Boing"."I'm in your castle."
    • "My art will be your demise."
    • "My brush is mightier than your sword."
    • "I will paint you into a corner."
    • "Foiled!"
    • "Abort!"
    • "Help!"
    • "It must have been something I ate."
  • While running around shouting as he nears death, players claim to hear Painter say some very profane things that could potentially boost the game's rating well beyond T. However, these scenarios are most likely the player mishearing him saying "Foiled!" repeatedly.
  • While running around near death, if you look closely of the painters paintbrush you will see it becomes the same color as the most recently spawned painting.
  • In the background there is a picture of an eagle opening its mouth and a worm doing "the worm". There are also various copies of the same painting (about six) with the Orange Princess lying down with a sword stuck into her back. This suggests that the bosses were planning to kill her (or had already killed her at that point, and had replaced her with Tricky the Clown. However, when she is dragged by a barbarian in Home Castle, a party hat can be seen dropped on the ground). On a side note, the animated paintings actually sync with the "Huge Treasure Theme", the most obvious of the these is the worm.
  • In the level "Wizard Castle Takeoff," The painter is seen with the other 3 final bosses. Painter is seen holding an unconscious Orange Princess, or perhaps Tricky the Clown
  • When the chest drops on Painter, it will have his hat on the top.
  • The Music playing while you battle Painter is The Show by Waterflame.
  • Painter might be a possible reference to Paint Roller of Kirby's Adventure or Adeline of Kirby and the Crystal Shards, as they all use paintings to try to defeat their foes.
  • Painter's minions are actually concept sketches by Tom Fulp.
  • When the Painter begins to summon paintings towards the end of the fight, the paint on his brush will continue to change color according to what is summoned, despite him not actually painting any of the minions. Every time he comes down to paint the canvas, his paint brush will appear different colors.
  • His blood is made of various colors of paint (it leaks underneath the treasure chest).
  • Painter's paintings will all have varied health levels, defense levels, and elemental resistance levels.
  • One of the Painter's paintings may be a reference to Tricky the Clown.
  • Painter will drop some Health Potions when he's defeated in Insane Mode; one for each player lost during the fight (in other words up to 20, but for example if 4 people lose 3 potions each he'll drop 12).
  • Painter's head resembles a toolbox, like the one the Engineer (from Team Fortress Classic, Team Fortress 1 and Team Fortress 2) uses to store his buildings. It's not known if this is a reference to the Team Fortress series or not.
  • During the making of Castle Crashers, Painter looked much different from the one battled in game nowadays; watch the video below to see the painter boss we MIGHT have battled if Dan Paladin hadn't changed his mind.
  • The Painter is the only final boss not seen at some point before Wizard Castle Takeoff.
  • The Painter, Cyclops, and the Princesses are the only characters in the game that speak.


Castle Crashers - Painter Boss Creation07:34

Castle Crashers - Painter Boss Creation

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