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Open-Faced Gray Knight
Screen shot 2011-02-25 at 19.19.02
Open-Faced Gray Knight
Vital statistics
Unlock Method King Pack or beat Catfish level on Insane Mode
Starting Weapon Thin Sword
Splash Attack Arrow Volley
Magic Projectile Knife Toss
Magic Jump Power Jump

The Open Faced Gray Knight is a variation of the original Gray Knight. He has all of the same moves as his closed face counterpart, except for the projectile attack, which is a throwing knife instead of a bomb.


The Gray Knights are knights loyal to the King. They are the bulk of his army and assist you on Barbarian War and Flowery Field. Also the visor being lifted proves that all knights are people, even the four main knights.


The Open Faced Gray Knight is not seen in any part of the game. He is available for download in the King Pack for 160 Microsoft points, or unlockable in the PS3 and PC version through defeating the Catfish in Insane Mode.


Splash Attack

"Arrow Rain"

Element: Arrow

Max Hits: 1 per upgrade level (Max 7)

Damage/hit: Base Magic Damage x 0.5

Arrows rain down from the sky to in front of the character in groups of three. Each upgrade level adds another set of three arrows, but each set of arrows can only hit the same enemy once per set. Knocks enemies over (and can only hit an enemy that is knocked over once no matter how many arrows there are) and is unblockable, like pretty much all Splash spells.

Projectile Attack

"Knife Toss"

Element: Knife

Damage: Base Magic Damage

The Open Faced Gray Knight throws a knife in front of him doing medium damaged based on what level you are

Magic Jump

"Power Jump"

Element: None

Damage: Base Magic Damage

Leaps up with a dust effect that damages overlapped enemies.


Released as DLC in the King Pack for XBox 360 Version.

Unlocked in the PlayStation 3 Version and PC Version by defeating the Catfish in Insane Mode.


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