The Necromancer's Room is a sublevel of Wizard Castle Interior, and the third boss room on that level.


When you walk inside the Necromancer's Room you will find the floor covered with dead bodies. As you advance forward the Necromancer will arrive in the air and revive some of the dead bodies. In the first wave you will have to fight these enemies.

After you defeat them the Necromancer will revive a second wave of enemies. The enemies are as follows.

After you defeat this second wave the Necromancer will come down from the air to fight you himself. The Necromancer has a boss health bar at the bottom. He uses his shield very often. After you defeat him he will fly into the air and drop his sword, the Evil Sword. Then you may proceed to the crystal room to unlock the next door in Wizard Castle Interior.


  • The music that plays throughout this grueling sub-level is called Simple Sight (instrumental) by RealFaction.
  • The Necromancer's Room is the third room in Wizard Castle Interior.
  • There is a theory that when you kill someone and their body despawns, this is where it goes.
  • This is the only area in the game where you see corpses of Industrialists, Killer Beekeepers, Brutes, Royal Guards, Fencers, Snakies, and Coneheads.
  • There are dead skeletons hanging on the walls.

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