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NG Golden Sword

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NG Golden Sword
Strength Strength Magic Magic
+4 +3
Defense Defense Agility Agility
0 -3
Required Level 30
Sold at Insane Store
Price 3600 gold
Contained in King Pack DLC

The NG Golden Sword is one of the 84 weapons a player can obtain in the game Castle Crashers.


The NG golden sword as it appears in the weapons frog.


The NG Golden Sword is a DLC weapon. Since the update on August 26, 2011, the NG Golden Sword has been modified to the same stats found in the PS3 version.

Before the update, it had the highest strength modifier of any weapon, boasting a hefty +6 Strength bonus, along with a +1 to both Magic and Defense.

However, due to the new update, a level 30 is required on XBL to wield it instead of 5, as well as changing the stats to +4 Strength, +3 Magic and -3 Agility. This is a major nerf, as Agility is considered a must in terns of stats, and subtracting a large amount like this is inexcusable.

If your play style revolves around melee and magic, this weapon can be good (if combined with Beholder), although you'll have greatly lowered Agility.


  • In Castle Crashing the Beard, this is the weapon for the Orange Knight.
  • The weapon will be temporarily available without the DLC if the player trades with someone, but the weapon will disappear after the match ends or you disconnect from Xbox Live.
  • The design of the sword comes from the level system of Newgrounds.

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