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A player battling Skeletons during the Marsh level
General Information
Type Level
Level 27
Inhabitants Peasants
Troll Mother

Marsh is the twenty-seventh Level in Castle Crashers.


You'll need to skip the Flooded Temple and go to the Marsh first. Quickly run to the right and knock the Skeleton off the dead Peasant and start to fight a small horde of them. Some other Peasants will watch your bravery and aid you in your battle. Continue to the right; breaking gravestones will make skeletons rise from the ground, but this will get you more gold and XP. Defeat all the Skeletons and destroy all the gravestones if you wish. Frogglet can be found by digging in an X in front of the third building. Exit through the gate to the right.

More skeletons will rise from the ground and some will be turned into "beefy" Skeletons. Don't be afraid to use a sandwich if you have one to combat these foes. After you defeat them, make your way to the right where you will face off against some Snakeys. Continue on your way, battling more of the green knights. After taking out the next set, some more will drop from the tree to the right of the fortress. Keep going, killing even more knights, and they will be joined by some trolls. Hack and slash your way through the mixed mob of evildoers. Be sure to take out the large troll when it appears as it will spawn smaller ones until it's killed.

Eventually you will see an Animal Orb just waiting in the open for you, at least touch Snailburt to unlock him. You'll be joined by more peasants to the right. Help them out and they will return the favor by sticking by you for a bit. Enter the corn field to the right.


  • In front of the third crypt, the open one, you'll find an "X" marked on the ground. Dig this up to discover the Animal Orb, Frogglet.
  • There is one gravestone slightly hidden by a small hill in the background. Destroy the stone and you'll unlock the Panic Mallet .
  • Around the place where the Necromancer summons the skeletons, there's the Fishing Rod weapon. Having the Cardinal animal orb will let you find this.
  • After the first set of Snakeys, you'll find yourself in front of a small fortress. Dig at the X on the ground in front of the fortress to find the Candlestick.
  • At the same place you find the Candlestick, there are a couple of houses. Walk behind these and start digging. You will uncover the Gold Sword.
  • The beefy Skeletons actually have less health than their normal counterparts.
  • The two Peasants that help the player through the graveyard can be seen dead on the floor after defeating all the skeletons, they were presumably killed by Snakeys. On Insane Mode you can witness their death because the skeletons are able to kill them.
  • Even if the two Peasants die in the graveyard, the same two will still run past the Necromancer's skeletons.
  • The Fishing Rod is actually obtained from the dead body of the Peasant who carried it.
  • The Beefy Peasant will not proceed to the corn boss fight.
  • The Skeletons summoned by the breaking gravestones will not move until attacked.

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