An Alien Hominid that is Level 256.


A Red Knight that's Level 256.

Level 256 is an infamous level that has been achieved by a number of players by exploiting the game. Players who are at this level can take no more than 1 damage per hit, and can hit well into the thousands. Players who play with a player who has the Level 256 glitch run the risk of getting their data erased and replaced with that of the Level 256's data. Players who do play with these characters will experience large amounts of lag and other performance losses. Using this glitch may also cause your Xbox Live account to be banned.

The glitch may also cause most players to leave a game with a Level 256 player in it so not to run the risk of getting the glitch. Also, most players may want to kick a Level 256 player for the same reason.

Players using or wanting to get the glitch have been considered unfair and sometimes get a negative reputation because of it. They are usually kicked from games.

This was patched and all Level 256 players have been set to Level 99 and had their stats reset, meaning they'll have to put points back in. Level 256 is now impossible to obtain unless you hack your Xbox 360.

Whatever amount of gold the Level 256 player had prior to the patch will be retained and is a good indicator of a former Level 256 player. Making it even more ironic when they still have all 31 Gold Skulls.


  • One hit kills on any enemy.
  • You can obtain the Glitch Sword.
  • 1 damage to all attacks taken.
  • Bragging rights.
  • Access to unused weapons and their pictures.
  • Heavy Dash experience glitch for other players.

A Fire Demon that's Level 256.


  • Most likely to be kicked from games. This is further compounded if the amount of gold is in the negatives, currently.
  • Possible ban from Xbox Live.
  • Corruption.


  • A Level 256 player, if assuming that he/she used the Glitch Sword, the maximum amount of Health possible was 8,677.
    • Theoretically speaking, if the Level 256 player also used Snailburt, the maximum amount of Health possible was 8,817.