The ladder glitch is a glitch where players can float wherever there is a ladder (basically only Full Moon)

Performing the GlitchEdit

To do this glitch, players must do the following steps very quickly.

  1. Be on the ladder near the top
  2. Go up the ladder
  3. Hit heavy attack
  4. Go back down the ladder

You'll know you're doing it right if you're hovering when you try to go back down.


  • Enemies will still chase you when you're in the air, so you can pull out your share of enemies in a multiplayer game by floating.
  • If you attack or use your arrows while floating, you will fall back down. The only exceptions are if you continually spam light attack or you end your spam of light attacks with a heavy attack.
  • If you use the boomerang, you will change your stance, but doing so will make you unable to use any items (possible exception is potion, haven't tried) and will also make you unable to attack.
  • A good way to use this glitch to your advantage is to spam light attack next to the ladder and ask other players to climb up the ladder. Doing this will make all the enemies targeting the player to climb up the ladder and you can hit them back down.
  • Spamming Y while you go up and down the ladder may be easier than trying to time the Y.
  • Do it more and more to get the timing down.


Castle Crashers Ladder Glitch01:01

Castle Crashers Ladder Glitch

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