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The King Pack is a downloadable content pack for Castle Crashers, and was the first pack of downloadable content released for the game. It was first available for download on January 14, 2009 for 400 Microsoft Points, and now sells on the marketplace for $1.99.



Image Character Description
King The King as seen throughout the game, now offered as a playable character.
Open faced gray kn.ight
Open Faced Gray Knight Exactly the same as the Gray Knight, except the Open Faced Gray Knight has his visor lifted so his face is visible,  his projectile attack involves throwing knives instead of bombs, and he has a different XXXY. 


Image Weapon Strength Magic Defense Agility Special Required Level
Kings scepter King's Mace +3 +2 +3 0
Goldharpoon NG Golden Sword +4 +3 0 -3

Animal Orbs:Edit

Image Animal Ability
Pelter Pelter

Periodically shoots snow at enemies

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