The King's Mace is one of the 84 weapons a player can obtain in the game Castle Crashers.


The King's Mace (or King's Sceptre) is a weapon in Castle Crashers. Before the release of the King Pack, it was generally accepted that the sceptre was a rare drop from the King, should he die during the Flowery Field level. It was later found, however, that the sceptre could be obtained by attacking the King as he leaves the Barracks during the party on insane mode. The mace is now available in the King Pack on the Xbox 360 version but on the other versions you must beat Pipistrello on insane mode. as it is the King's starting weapon. When you are able to obtain this weapon, it doesn't give out more skill points than the NG Golden Sword, although for some it looks cooler.


  • The King's Mace is the King's starting Weapon.
  • It was a rumor the king dropped this rarely on death. However, this is likely false, as NPC's that follow the character (Peasant's for example) can't die due to a moderately large health pool. On that note, it is indeed possible for follower NPCs to die, this can be more easily viewed in Insane Mode.
  • This is the weapon used by Pipistrella from Pit People.

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