The King's Boat (left)

The King used this boat during the fight with the Catfish. It has a cannon as well, which the Gray Knights onboard used to attack the Catfish. If the Catfish's hairball is allowed to attack the boat, however, the Gray Knights drop the cannonball into the water harmlessly. Later in the fight the Catfish can be taunted into running into the boat when he's swimming back and forth by standing in front of the boat and moving as he comes into sight.

This boat is last seen in the Tall Grass Fields level, where it is seen beached.

Trivia Edit

  • The King's Boat is the only Vehicle that is on your side and has Cannons (Not Counting Catapults used by Gray Knights in Flowery Fields Level)
  • This boat kills the last Big Fish that enters before entering the Catfish Level
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