The Invincibility Glitch is an exploit which allows players to become invincible by "flying" in the air (Jump, light light heavy, light light heavy).

Performing the GlitchEdit

When a player gets knocked down, the player can tap jump to quickly spring back up. When they are doing this, they are invincible! So, as long as they don't touch the ground after springing back up, they can't take damage. 


  • This is especially helpful in Lava World against the Dragon and Sock Puppet boss.
  • This is also helpful for Corn Boss, but only if your main tactic is melee. Some defense can be helpful, but is not necessary if you can avoid being hit well enough.
  • This doesn't provide immunity from physical damage in PvP; it only prevents the player from being knocked over.


Castle Crashers Lava World Invincibility Glitch01:03

Castle Crashers Lava World Invincibility Glitch

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