The rock in Tall Grass Field which can be thrown out of the way while beefy.

Interactive Scenery is a piece of scenery that can be interacted with by the player. This includes things such as:
  • Natural Scenery
  • Grass: Fruit, 100% chance of getting fruit from grass by using Zebra. Found in the first parts of the game.
  • Skinny pine trees: 100% chance of getting fruit, appears in Barbarian War and Forest Entrance.
  • Rock: Can be thrown away by using a Sandwich in Tall Grass Field. Also used in Full Moon by a Beefy Stove Face during the first quarter of the level.The player also has to avoid several of these in Wizard Castle Takeoff.
  • Mushroom: 100% chance of getting fruit, Appears in Pipistrello's Cave, Cyclops' Cave and Full Moon.
  • Sand Castle: Can get destroyed by stepping on it, has Shovels nearby, appears in the beginning of Desert.
  • Quicksand: Suck in Scorpions and the player towards the centre. Found in Desert and Desert Chase.
  • Other Scenery
  • Crate: Money, Fruit or turkey leg, found in Industrial Castle and also at the end of the Swamp Village Store.
  • Barrel: 100% Fruit, found throughout the world.
  • Table and chairs: Wooden ones usually have food or money on it and can be broken, found in Wedding Crash and Cyclops' Fortress. Metal ones are unbreakable and are found in Cyclops' Fortress and Wizard Castle Interior .
  • Petrified men: Money, fruit, food or weapon, found in Cyclops' Cave, Lava World and Medusa's Lair.
  • Chest: Money, fruit, turkey leg or weapon, found throughout the world.
  • Hazards and obstacles: Found in Tall Grass Field, Industrial Castle, Alien Ship and Ice Castle.
  • Doors and gates: The player has to break them open or open them to progress, found throughout the world. Boomerang gets the job done quickly.
  • Stained Window: Found in Wedding Crash and one breakable by the player in Flowery Field.
  • Flower Pot: Occasionally have fruit in them, found in Wedding Crash and Cyclops' Fortress
  • Sign: Found in Lava World and Full Moon.
  • Boss Chest: 100% chance of Gold pouring out