The Insane Store Creatures are a group of varied beings who reside within the Insane Store, and sell a variety of items to the player, for a considerable fee, of course. While they were originally exclusive to the Playstation 3 version of Castle Crashers, some of them made their return in the 2015 release of Castle Crashers Remastered.

Orange Shopkeeper Edit

The Orange Shopkeeper is a large, lizard-like creature who will say several things to the player when approached, and also appears to have several small Health potions on his desk that are not for sale.

Brown Creature Edit

The Brown Creature is a 4-armed being that bobs up and down every few seconds, and holds a piece of paper with the Gold Skull Mace on it, which it sells. It is found at the far left of the shop.

Purple Creature Edit

The Purple Creature is large and fuzzy, and holds a piece of paper with the NG Golden Sword on it, which he sells. He can be found next to the Brown Creature.

Little Purple Creature Edit

The Little Purple Creature is a small fuzzball with a ":3" expression on his face. He does not sell anything, but he may be related to the Purple Creature in some way, as they are visually alike. He is found to the right of him.

Bush Creature Edit

The Bush Creature can be found past the Orange Shopkeeper in the PS3 version of Castle Crashers. He is a smirking big bush that holds a piece of paper displaying Pelter in his right hand, and a piece of paper displaying Dragonhead in his left hand.

Raccalope Edit

The Raccalope replaces the Bush Creature in Castle Crashers Remastered. He is a cameo from Battleblock Theater, where he was a recurring enemy. He is a raccoon mixed with an antelope. He holds the same items as the Bush Creature, Pelter and Dragonhead.

Tiki Shopkeeper Edit

The Tiki Shopkeeper, also known as the Insane Shopkeeper, will say several things to the player if approached, and appears tied to the ground with many smaller statues in the far right of the shop. He does not sell anything, and resembles the Fire Demons.