The Insane Store is a store in Castle Crashers exclusive to the PS3, PC, and Xbox One versions, unlocked after beating the Evil Wizard, along with Insane Mode. The Insane Store is also in Castle Crashers Remastered on the Xbox One. The weapons and the animal orbs are very expensive in gold.

The Insane Store is accessed by unlocking Insane Mode, going to the Barbarian Boss on the map and going down.

Shop DescriptionEdit

The Insane Store is the largest store in the game, selling as many items as the Snow Store and being physically larger than any other store. This store is unique in its lack of consumable items and the expensiveness of its wares. The store sells three weapons and two animal orbs. The clerk says , "Welcome, stranger!", "Greetings, traveler!", "Got some GOOD things on sale", and "Nice halloween costume!", and the statue says, "My love is real, but I am not.", "I've nothing to say.", "I have a deep soul.", "You've got an honest face.", and "I wish I could move.".

Items SoldEdit

The Insane Store sells five items:

  • Gold Skull Mace - Original - 2500 gold  Remastered - 900 gold
  • NG Golden Sword - Original - 3600 gold  Remastererd - 1200 gold
  • Chainsaw - Original - 3600 gold  Remastered - 1500 gold
  • Pelter - Original - 5500 gold  Remastered - 1100 gold
  • Dragonhead - Original - 5500 gold  Remastered - 1100 gold
  • Hatty Hattington - Original - Unavailable Remastered - 1200 gold

Gallery Edit


  • The music that plays in the store is Spanish Waltz by Urbanus.
  • This, Church Store, and Snow Store are the only stores in the game that sell more than one weapon.
  • This is the only store in the game where you can purchase a character, but only on the Remastered Editions of the game.
  • This is the only store in the game where you can purchase more than one Animal Orb.
  • This is the only store in the game where Health Potions are not for sale.
    • Even though no Health Potions are sold in the store, there's a Health Potion on the shopkeeper's desk.
  • This is the only store in the game that had its weapon and animal orb price changed in the later versions of the game. Oof.
  • The giant tiki statue can also be found in Lava World.
  • The shopkeeper in front of Hatty Hattington's shrine is a raccoon from BattleBlock Theater.
  • The shrine unlocks Hatty Hattington