The Industrial Prince is a character in the game Castle Crashers. He is the leader of the Industrialists as well as the Fencers, and operates the Industrial Machine boss.


The Industrial Prince is helping the Evil Wizard by taking away the princesses as well as fighting the knights when they come to confront him. When you reach him in the Industrial Castle, you don't actually fight him, instead he hides in a control room located behind a wall and from there he operates the various mechanisms that attack you. He uses elemental turrets, a giant mechanical hand and five electric generators.

He is betrayed by the Evil Wizard at the end of the level, and left cowering on the edge of the balcony. His fate is ultimately decided by the player. They may choose to let him live or knock him off the balcony of his castle. Nothing will happen if you knock him off, or not.

The Prince's Soldiers Edit

Above are the soldiers employed by the Industrial Prince (beefy brute, industrialists, and fencers).


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The Industrial Prince's frightened reaction upon being found

  • There is no consequence for knocking the Industrial Prince off of the balcony.
  • BiPolar Bear also knocks him off of the balcony, due to his 1 health.
  • Even if you strike the Industrial Prince on the balcony toward the castle bulk, he will still fly off the balcony anyway.
  • Even though you never see him use it, he frequently carries a Fencer's Foil, as seen right after he gets out of the Industrial Machine after you defeat it (it is only seen for half a second, because when he goes behind the wall, he returns with the fourth princess in tow), and while making a deal with the Thieves at the Forest Entrance.


  • It is possible that the Evil Wizard was given a crystal by the Industrial Prince - this is likely why he tries to hop onto the King's crystal when the Wizard takes the princess.
  • The Industrial Prince might have hung the posters that show how bad he wants the player killed, he would pay anyone 50,000 gold to whoever kills the player.
  • In the Forest Entrance, the Industrial Prince can be seen making a deal with the the thieves.
  • The Industrial Prince is also known as "Phillipe".
  • His crown resembles a perfume puffer.
  • It's unknown if he is the king's son or a different king.
  • The Bipolar Bear can knock him off the balcony.

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