With Xbox LiveEdit

Things You'll Need: 1. Two Xbox Live Gold accounts on the same Xbox 360.

  • One of them must already have the Level 256 glitch

Instructions: 1. You must join a game with both of your gold accounts.

  • There can only be 3 people in the online game (your first gold account, your second gold account, and another random person).

2. Everyone must hit the ready button to confirm the game. There will then be a five second countdown on the screen.

3. When the countdown is at 2, press the B button on the remote without Level 256 to exit the game.

4. Pick your characters, and complete at least 1 level.

5. After the level is completed, exit with your other gold account.

6. Sign out on both profiles, then sign in to the gold account that exited the game at the countdown on the first player remote.

7. All of your characters that you have unlocked are now Level 256.

Without Xbox LiveEdit

Things You'll Need:

1. Computer

2. Horizon Xbox 360 Save Editor

3. USB Flash Drive


1. Turn on your Xbox 360 and plug in the USB.

2. Go to Settings and tap Storage.

3. It will now show your storage devices on the screen. Click Memory Unit with a USB logo.

4. It will ask you to configure your USB. Click yes. You can now use the USB on your Xbox 360.

After Configuration:

5. Exit out of the USB and click Hard Drive.

6. Go to Profiles, and select the profile that you want to get Level 256